The Importance of Hiring Local Handyman Services to Avoid a Tile Problem

Why Tiles Fall and How to Fix Them

Falling tiles not only have a bad aesthetic, but if they are not fixed, they might cause more issues. Poor installation is the most frequent reason for tiles slipping off the wall, followed by hot water (hot showers or baths). For this reason, it’s important to use local handyman services to prevent these issues from occurring again.

The Plaster Under the Tiles Isn’t Primed

The plaster must be properly prepped for the tiles to adhere to the wall entirely. Care to prime the tiles and the surrounding area before installing them on your walls. With a thin, durable layer that holds the tile firmly in place and prevents water from reaching the walls, this primer will aid in making the area waterproof. Before installation, the tiles are primed with a substance that is often latex- or oil-based and has a water-repellent characteristic. Before installing the tiles, the primer must be applied to the entire wall surface.

Tiles Were Not Cleaned and Applied Properly

Before installing the tiles, clean and wipe off any remaining chalk dust. The tiles won’t stick to the wall correctly because of the chalk dust. Also, when buying tile glue, be sure it is water-resistant. On each tile, evenly distribute the adhesive. The tiles will eventually come off if you omit this crucial step.

Tiles Are Not Grouted Properly

The grouting was completed too soon, another obvious cause for the tiles to come off their supports. Before grouting the tiles, ensure the tile glue has had at least 24 hours to harden. Choosing the right tile grouting product is a major element when purchasing tile grout. Find a waterproof tile grout to prevent tiles from coming off due to moisture.

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